What makes us different

We are a family oriented Chiropractic Clinic with a special interest in providing our patients with a personalised assessment and comprehensive treatment program designed to achieve a long term pain resolution for each patient, rather than simply offering temporary pain relief.

How long patients decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to them...
however to achieve a complete symptomatic recovery and attain longer lasting more permanent result we offer a unique 3 stage treatment program tailored to the individual.

We call it our 3 step Relieve, Retrain and Maintain Program.

  1. Acute symptomatic relief.
  2. Spinal correction, retraining and functional restoration.
  3. Rehabilitation, maintenance and injury prevention.

At Chiropractic Spinal Health, with over 10 years of practical experience, we use a range of practitioner trained techniques to tailor our treatment to each individual patient. We believe it is important to address both spinal and muscular conditions, therefore our treatments are scheduled at 15 minute intervals allowing us to release and relax the muscle tissues around the areas of complaint before the adjustments are performed, ensuring a gentler, more comfortable and longer lasting result.


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